Wednesday, July 14, 2010

After three years absent from blogging, I've decided it is time to get back into the fray and start letting people know what I am thinking about, what I am listening to, and what I am working on. My goal is to put up a new blog every week and I think you will find them to be fine edutainment.

My life is going through some changes these days, some are scary and some are welcome. I am hoping that getting back to writing a weekly blog will help me remain creative and bring myself and what I do to more people.

If you do not yet own a copy of my latest book "Historic Photos of New Orleans Jazz," you should before it goes into its second printing. You can always get a signed copy from me, just let me know.

Stay tuned for two exciting blogs coming up soon, one about dancer and comedian, Joe Frisco who just happened to have a big influence on how jass made one of its earliest appearances in Chicago. After that will be a review of a dandy new CD set on New Orleans music put out by the Smithsonian Institute.

Till next time....

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